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Lenox & Nicole were onboard the same sailing as us in July of 2021. The very first sea day I see Lenox on the Magic carpet showing some other guest on the ship how to use the panorama mode inside the camera settings. As the other couple parts ways I go over to ask Lenox if he’s a photographer. He mentions he’s not and that he and his girlfriend of five years, are in marketing. We get to know each other a little more then eventually go our separate ways. 


The very next day we run into each other again, this time it’s just Lenox. He mentions that he saw my work on my website and that he literally just bought a ring on the ship! My eyes light up like a kid coming down the stairs on Christmas morning, I know where he’s going with this. He mentions he wants to propose on the ship and wants me to capture it! My jaw drops as this is one of the things I’ve always wanted to capture while at sea.


We spend some time planning, scouting locations, and determining where the light will be when the time comes to propose. We find a few epic locations and finally land on one. To throw Nicole off the trail we tell her, they are just helping me build my portfolio. A few photos in I ask Nicole to turn around for a fun behind the back shot, Lenox gets in place, then ask her to turn around. What happened next was a moment I’ll never forget. So much emotion and beauty all happening at once, she said yes without any hesitation! 


These two will forever be close to our hearts as they share not only this moment with us, but the passion for cruising. Here’s to Nicole & Lenox and many happy years together! Underneath their photos are a few our favorites from the week, hope you enjoy!

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